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Representing the Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusets

Jubinville for Governor's Councillor

Find out more Robert Jubinville's campaign for Councillor. After years of working as a law enforcement officer and trial attorney, Bob hopes to bring his immense knowledge and expertise to the Governor's Council.

Education & Experience

Experience in our judicial system and a strong knowledge of what makes good judges is extremely important to the role of a Governor's Councillor. This experience is needed in order to be an effective representative.

Bob at Political Event

Checks & Balances

The main purpose of the Governor's Council is to protect the citizens from bad judges, or persons not suited for a judgeship. A good Councillor should do a thorough background investigation on the candidate and should always vote with the best interests of the citizens first.

Character & Integrity

The person who holds a seat on the Governor's Council should be of good moral character and have strong personal integrity while providing an in-depth understanding of the Commonwealth's laws. Ideally, a Councillor should also have experience in our legal system and be dedicated to and passionate about our judicial system.